Your property management virtual assistant.

Whether you manage your property yourself, or have an accountant who does it for you - Ajar gives you the tools to do it more efficiently. Leave the routine work to your virtual assistant and focus on maximizing the profitability of your property.
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Ajar works with a few simple steps.

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Add your properties & tenants with ease
Whether you have 1 or 1000 units, you can add an unlimited number of properties and tenants to Ajar.
Customize and auto send invoices
Be it daily, monthly, or quarterly - automate your collection by scheduling invoices and reminders to your tenants, and generating receipts automatically.
Access all your tenants & leases in one place
Receive maintenance requests, talk to your tenants directly, and activate or block leases from wherever you are.
Track performance & unlock insights
With all your data in one place, you can easily pull reports, visualize trends, and unlock insights about your tenants and properties.


Collect securely

  • Eliminate stolen and lost cash
  • Sync with multiple bank accounts for each property
  • Track the status of your tenant and property collections in real time
  • Accept multiple payment options (credit, debit, and Pay@Partner)

Manage efficiently

  • Assign multi-user roles
  • Monitor requests through our Maintenance Tracking System
  • Establish two way communication with tenants
  • Set auto-reminders for due payments
  • Manage lease period and expiry

Invoice electronically

  • Automate invoice and receipt generation
  • Create multiple invoice types (electricity, gas, service charges, etc.)
  • Auto reconcile payments

Report seamlessly

  • Generate reports automatically to track expiring leases, unit vacancies, property value, and more
  • Analyze your data using multiple dashboard views
  • Make informed decisions based on real numbers

Ajar helps property managers of all sizes.

90% guaranteed conversion from offline to online collection

Faster and more secure collection

Reduced admin work

Access to smart insights

Round the clock customer support

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